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Please book in advance. We recommend booking two-four weeks in advance. Same day appointments are hard to get since we have a wait list for those. We suggest asking to be put on that list since we do call from this list daily.

Arrival Time

We recommend you arrive 5-10 min prior to your scheduled appointment time. This allows you to check in and communicate with your therapist what you would like to expect from your treatment. Please understand that your treatment will end on time so the next client will not be inconvenienced. Late clients will receive the time remaining of their treatment. The normal fee will remain unchanged.


We balance and rotate which of our therapists will perform your treatment. If you have a preference of therapist, this must be communicated at time of booking. If you are a return client and enjoyed services from a therapist you had on a prior visit, please feel free to request them again.


Dress comfortably. Our therapists are trained to drape you appropriately for privacy during your treatments. Please refrain from wearing jewelry during your appointment.


Certain treatments should not be performed on those with severe medical conditions or those who are pregnant. Please notify the staff when you are making an appointment. Some conditions may require a doctor’s approval.


Cancellations and changes for treatments are accepted up to 24 hours prior to any appointment without incurring a charge. Less than 24 hours notification of a cancelling an appointment, we charge HALF the amount of the scheduled service. Not showing up to an appointment AND not notifying us will incur a charge of the FULL AMOUNT of the scheduled service.

Special Consideration

To help maintain a peaceful atmosphere and for your relaxation, we ask that everyone maintains a low voice volume while massages are in session, and all cellular phones be silenced. All phone calls must be taken outside as well.

Food & Beverage

Complimentary tea, coffee and water are available. Please, no outside food inside the spa.


Please do not bring small children to the spa. Minors under age 18 must be accompanied to the spa.


Gratuity is accepted but is always subject to your discretion.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are the perfect gift for any occasion. Gift certificates may be purchased in the spa, on our website or Facebook page and never expire. Gift certificates purchased inside the spa are beautifully hand written and gift wrapped for you.


Your Spa Experience

This is your spa experience. Please speak up about any preferences. All aspects of your treatment can be adjusted to fit your needs: amount of light, music level and preference, room temperature, and whether or not you choose to have conversation or enjoy the treatment in silence. During a massage, let the therapist know the pressure level you prefer. During body treatments, feel free to ask questions about the procedures, products being used, or expectations of the service. If any part of the service is unsatisfactory, please first inform the therapist. If the response is not helpful, then please speak to our Management. We reserve the right to refuse service or discontinue service to anyone demonstrating a behavior that is perceived as inappropriate by any member of our staff. Your feedback is essential in providing you with the best service possible. We encourage you to communicate with the staff regarding your comfort and experience.

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