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Total Ambiance Experience

Skin is revitalized with a delightful, exfoliating Back Treatment. Then Relax, Rejuvenate, and Renew with a 90-Minute Total Body Massage with Hot Stone application and choice of beautifully scented Body Oil, or decadent Shea Butter. The experience continues as a hot, comforting towel is draped over your face, then skin is painted with a wrinkle-fighting FarmHouse Fresh Face Mask. An Ageless Retinol Face Cream is applied at the end, delivering softness and illumination.  Complete your Spa Day with a warm Steaming Wrap on hands and feet, with a moisturizing Shea Butter Balm

massaged into skin.

Time: 2 Hours, Price: $265

Total Ambiance.JPG

Hot Stone Bliss

Hot Stone application with choice of warm body oil

- provides comfort and relief to tight, sore muscles and delivers a soothing feeling to skin


Hot Stone Bliss.JPG

Heavenly Back Treatment

Back exfoliation with Sweet Cream Scrub and a seasonal scented Shea Butter application

-basks skin in nourishment and hydration


Heavenly Back Treatment.JPG

Over the Moon - Hand Treatment

Steaming infused wrap with an Anti-Aging Moon Dip Hand Cream massage.

-vitamin rich emollient oils lock in hydration and suppleness


Add a Seasonal Hand Scrub - $10

Over the Moon.JPG

Sole Renewal - Foot Treatment

Steaming infused wrap with a Honey Heel Glaze foot massage 

-seals in moisture and brings rich color back to tired feet


Add a Seasonal Foot Scrub - $10

Sole Renewal.JPG

Face Mask Treatment

A wrinkle fighting FarmHouse Fresh face mask with an ageless retinol cream application along with steaming hot towels that leave a soft glow to the face and décolleté


face mask.jpg

Paraffin Wax Treatment

Warm Paraffin Wax application to your choice of Hands OR Feet

-softens/moisturizes skin and soothes muscles



Therapeutic doTERRA Oil

Choose from an array of oils on our doTERRA menu to add extra healing benefits to your massage




Specialized cups create suction on the skin and tissue

-a non-invasive, gentle process that effectively pulls toxins to the surface



Gua Sha

A massage tool is pulled across the skin in short or long strokes 

-increases blood flow, releases inflammation, and promotes healing



Massage Package Deal:
Set of 4 (60 Minute) - $420 - (Save $20)
Set of 8 (60 Minute) - $800 - (Save $80)
Set of 12 (60 Minute) - $1,140 - (Save $180)

Set of 4 (90 Minute) - $640 - (Save $20)

Set of 8 (90 Minute) - $1,240 - (Save $80)

Set of 12 (90 Minute) - $1,800 - (Save $180)




Gift Certificates:

Gift Certificates are available for all Spa services. You can also put a cash value toward service(s) of choice.

(Cannot be redeemed for product).

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