Skin is revitalized with a delightful, exfoliating Muscadine Moonshine Back Treatment. Then, Relax, Rejuvenate, and Renew with a 60-Minute Total Body Massage with Hot Stone application and choice of beautifully scented Body Oil, or decadent Shea Butter. The experience continues as a hot, comforting, towel is draped over your face, then skin is painted with a wrinkle-fighting FarmHouse Fresh Face Mask. An Ageless Retinol Face Cream is applied at the end, delivering softness, firmness, and illumination. Complete your Spa Day with a warm Steaming Wrap on hands and feet, with a moisturizing Shea Butter Balm massaged into skin.

(2 Hours) - $215


Choice of one of our healing blends to add to your massage session.



Mineral soak compress + 5 min. acupressure face massage - relieves pressure and congestion.



Paraffin softens & moisturizes skin.

Application to Hands OR Feet



Hands, feet, neck, and shoulders receive a warm drizzle of melted Marshmallow Melt Balm + 10 min. massage.



10 min. Muscadine Moonshine exfoliating back treatment. 



Hot Stone application + your choice of FarmHouse Fresh body oil.



Hair & Scalp treatment + 10 min. scalp massage. CHOOSE:
-Agave Nectar - Blushing Agave - Clementine - Quinsyberry - OR Red/Hot Oil


with Steaming Wrap. CHOOSE: 
-Marshmallow Melt - A La Mode Balm - Honey Heel Glaze - OR Muscadine Moonshine + Shea Butter


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Total Ambiance Experience

Paraffin Wax Treatment

Sinus Soother

Therapeutic doTERRA Oil

Marshmallow Meltdown

Heavenly Back Treatment

Hot Stone Bliss

Hair's to You

Hand OR Foot Renewal

Massage Package Deal:
Set of 4 (60 Minute) - $300 - (Save $20)

Set of 8 (60 Minute) - $600 - (Save $40)

Set of 12 (60 Minute) - $880 - (Save $80)

Gift Certificates:

Gift Certificates are available for all Spa services.

You can also put a cash value toward service(s) of choice.

(Cannot be redeemed for product).

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