Medical Insurance -

We will bill to Labor & Industries, Motor Vehicle Claims, Blue Cross Blue Shield (WA Teamsters only), and Hawaii Mainland Administrators.

-Labor & Industries Claims
You must have an open L&I Claim, as well as a referral. We can request more visits after the initial approved set has been completed. You will be financially responsible if your insurance does not cover.

-Motor Vehicle Claims

You must have an open claim through your own Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage. We do not accept 3rd party claims.  A referral is required from a doctor or chiropractor who has treated you for this claim. You will be financially responsible if your insurance does not cover.


Out-of-Network -

We at Ambiance Massage & Spa, LTD are writing today to inform all of our Out of Network Clients (excluding BCBS WA Teamsters and Hawaii Mainland Admin)that we will no longer be sending out billing claims for you. You will be expected to pay the self-pay rate for your services.  If a referral is provided, those of you with these out of network insurances will be given a superbill so that you can simply submit these claims by mail. The reimbursement will be paid directly to you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office. Thank you so much for understanding. We will continue to provide an excellent service to meet your needs.


In Good Health,

Ambiance Massage & Spa, LTD


If you have any questions regarding medical insurance billing/policies, you may contact us at (360) 249-8421.​